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Treeel, developed two key display materials

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Technology venture Treeel (CEO Ugun Byun , photo) succeeded in developing its own basic materials that are used for major components of displays.

Treeel made an announcement on the 29th that it has developed two types of high-refraction monomers, which are used to manufacture prism sheets to increase light efficiency of LCD displays and to photo initiators that are used to implement fine line width of OLED (organic light emitting diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display) panels among basic materials for displays. "Both basic materials are currently being applied for patents and we are planning to commercialize them in earnest starting next year," explained Treeel, who succeeded in developing its own materials by investing about 1.5 billion won for two years since its foundation in 2015.

According to related industries, it is estimated that entire global markets for 'photo initiators' is worth 800 billion won.

Recently, the ‘oxim-type photo initiators’ are used in manufacturing displays such as semiconductors, LCDs, OLEDs based on its superb features. The world market size of oxim-type photo initiators is estimated to be 100 billion won, and the domestic market itself is estimated to be approximately 50 billion won. Although it is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10% recently, it has been monopolized by Germany's BASF, which applied for the original patent in 2002, by building entry barriers. CEO Byun Woo-geun of Treeel explained that after testing with Korea High Polymer Research Institute, it is expected to increase productivity due to 10 to 20% higher sensitivity compared to products that are currently on the market, and it will contribute to quality improvement and cost reduction as it can reduce 'fume' phenomenon that produces fine gases by 50 to 80%.

Treeel said it has also developed a high-refraction monomer that increases the refractive index of prism sheets that increases the luminance of displays. A key representative of Treeel said that "the most commonly used organic high-refraction material is the product of Osaka Gas Chemical with a refractive index of 1.62~1.63," and added that "the new material of Treeel has a refractive index of 1.66 and is a pure organic material with very little yellowing phenomenon, thus it can be applied for next generation smartphones and high-definition LCD TVs."

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